Guide for New LaCN Members

Step 1: Joining the 'La Cosa Nostra' KoC Alliance
Setting La Cosa Nostra as your primary alliance will identify you as a member of LaCN. You will help to improve our overall stats and inchain people should not attack you without permission.
To join La Cosa Nostra, first enter the following link:
After joining, go to the Alliances page and press 'Primary' to set La Cosa Nosta as your primary alliance =)

Step 2: Clicking
The more soldiers you have the more gold or TBG you earn per turn (TBG = Turn Based Gold).
In order to get more soldiers, you must get more morale. Eventually morale will turn itself into soldiers. Every 1 morale you have is 1 future soldier you will get.
You can get morale by clicking the images on the Recruit page (
However users have created systems to get morale faster as the KoC system is very slow. You can find a guide introducing you to Eric's Modified YAR (Yet Another Recruiter) here.

Step 3: Making KoC Faster
Due to the amount of ads, KoC may sometimes be really slow.
If you use firefox then you can find a guide here to make KoC much faster! It will also save alot of downloads if you click alot too.

Step 4: Register on our forums
We usually use our forums to exchange alliance information, help our members, run competitions and also just chat and have fun =)
Please register here:
Then to gain access to the members only area fill this short form:

Step 5: LaCN's Suitcase
LaCN's Suitcase is a tool which really helps a lot. It gives you targets, you can see the stats & gold of people without reconning, etc. Click here to get it or learn more!

Step 6: Chat with the alliance!
Chatting with the clan can be really helpful when you need gold, help or just want to talk to people. Here you can visit our chat channel with an online client:
If you enjoyed chatting and would like to use a full program which you can customise, here is a guide for mIRC (including our own in-house LaCN version):

If you have any problems feel free to make a thread on forums to ask!

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